Oklahoma State University

"Understanding Complex Macromolecular and Supramolecular Systems using Innovative Magnetic Resonance Strategies"

ACS Division of Polymer Chemistry Symposium

245th ACS National Meeting & Exposition April 7-11, 2013
New Orleans, Louisiana
Program Theme: Chemistry of Energy and Food


The organizers

J. L. White, L. A. Madsen, K. Saalwachter, H. N. Cheng, A., D. English,  H. Kaji,  S. Kawahara, H. W. Spiess, A. K. Whittaker

We are planning for a full four-day (Monday-Thursday) schedule with a large number of oral and poster presentations.

Graphical Abstract due October 15, 2012

Macromolecular and supramolecular systems present unique challenges for structure-function investigations in both the synthetic and biological areas, as such systems can present complex chemical compositions and hierarchical structure distributions, or they may even be completely amorphous.  Advances in new macromolecular materials, biomaterials, and composites benefit from methods that can access the range of relevant length and time scales that determine final function and properties.  Modern magnetic resonance methods are well suited to these problems, and this symposium will review the latest innovations in their application to this growing interdisciplinary field.  In the spirit of the overall meeting >program theme, a special symposium on magnetic resonance in food science will be included.

Topics include but not limited to:
* Synthetic and biological macromolecules
* Materials and interfaces
* Soft matter
* Nanostructures and nanocomposites
* Supramolecular assemblies
* Foods and complex gels

Symposium Organizers

Professor Jeffery L. White
Oklahoma State University
Professor Louis A. Madsen
Virginia Tech
Professor Kay Saalwaechter
Martin Luther University

Organizing committee: H. N. Cheng, A. D. English, H. Kaji, S. Kawahara, H.
W. Spiess, A. K. Whittaker


The POLY Executive Committee voted (at the Philadelphia ACS National Meeting in August 2012) to remove preprints as a submission requirement for both oral and poster presentations at the ACS National Meetings, starting with the New Orleans meeting in April, 2013.

However, a GRAPHICAL ABSTRACT (abstract plus a TOC-like figure) will be REQUIRED for all submissions. All of this may be done within the online submission system (PACS system) when the author is uploading their abstract. 

Starting with the New Orleans 2013 meeting, POLY will be providing POLY ABSTRACTs instead of two page Polymer Preprints as the membership benefit.

To enter an abstract, please go to:


You will need to have an ACS-id (easy to register) and then you can enter an abstract.  The graphics are added after the normal abstract is input.