Oklahoma State University

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Professional Organizations/Institutions/Activities

Henry Bellmon Research Center



Oklahoma State Chemistry Department


ACS Division of Polymer Chemistry, Inc.


The Americal Chemical Society (ACS)

Places I have worked or gone to school


Eastern Illinois University, BS, 76, MS, 77;
Chemistry Department
I was honored to be awarded a 2001 Distinguished Alumni Award

U Minnesota

University of Minnesota, Ph.D. 81
Chemistry Department


Drexel University, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, 81-86.

IBM Almaden Labs. I spent a 1992 sabbatical leave there.

Lund University. I spent my 1997 sabbatical leave there.



UMR, which became MST in 2008.
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
(Adjunct Appointment).

A few of my colleagues and collaborators

peter's photo

Peter Stilbs, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden.

terry's photo

Terrence Cosgrove, Bristol, UK.

warren's photo

Warren Ford, Oklahoma State U., USA.

eli's photo

Eli Pearce, Polytechnic U., USA. President, 2002, ACS.

lokesh's photo

Lokesh Dharani, Engineering Mechnanics, UMR, USA.

ollie's photo

Oliver Sitton, Chemical Engineering, UMR

len's photo

Len Rahaman, Ceramic Engineering, UMR

max's photo

Max Bertino, Physics, VA Commonwealth.

max's photo

Chang-Soo Kim, Electrical Engineering, UMR.

Don's photo

Don Macelroy, Chemical Engineering, Univ. College-Dublin, Ireland.