Oklahoma State University


Hybrid Materials:

Polymer and Interfacial Science

of Organic/Inorganic Systems


Organizers – Rick Laine, Frank Blum, Ken Wynne, and Yoshiki Chujo


A Symposium as part of the

Pacific Polymer Federation Meeting (PPF14)

December 9-13, 2015

Grand Hyatt Resort and Spa

Kauai, Hawaii USA

Call for Papers:

Contributed papers are now solicited for all areas of hybrid materials including: optical materials, surface functional materials, analytical methods, nanocomposites, synthesis.


Both Oral and Poster presentations are solicited. 


Confirmed Speakers:

  • Keynote Speaker, Yoshiki Chujo, Kyoto U, Japan - New Hybrid Materials Based on Element-Blocks
  • Harry Allcock, Pennsylvania State U, USA - Recent Variations of Polyphosphazene Elastomers for Medical or Aerospace Applications
  • Suresh Valiyaveettil, National U of Singapore, Singapore - Synthesis and characterisation of novel 2D and 3D polymeric materials
  • Krzysztof Matyjaszewski, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
  • Uli Wiesner, Cornell University, USA - Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Materials
  • Yoshiyuki Sugahara, Waseda U, Japan - Element-blocks from Inorganic Nanostructures via Surface Modification: Preparation and Their Applications
  • Kazuyuki Kuroda,  Waseda U, Japan  - Hybrid Materials Design through Chemistry of Silica, Silicates, and Organosiloxanes for the Preparation of Porous Materials
  • Frieder Jaekle,  Rutgers U, USA- Modification of Polymers with Organoborane and Organoborate Functional Groups and their Applications
  • Karen Winey,  U of Pennsylvania, USA- Dynamics in polymer nanocomposites
  • Daniel Schmidt, Massachusetts at Lowell, USA - Insights from Model Polymer Nanolaminates
  • Kensuke Naka,  Kyoto Inst. Tech., Japan- Synthesis of Element Block Polymers Based on T8-Caged Silsesquoxanes
  • Pinar Akcora,  Stevens Institute of Technology, USA - Reversible Thermal Stiffening in Polymer Nanocomposites 
  • Barry Arkles, Gelest, Inc., USA- Introducing Opposing Polarity into Hybrid Materials:  "Contraphobia" in Siloxanes
  • Takeo Suga, Waseda University, Japan- Gradient Nanodomain Formation in Controlled Photo-curing toward Hybrid Materials
  • Takayoshi Nakamura, Hokkaido University, Japan- Functional Materials based on Ferromagnetic Coordination Polymer of Mn-Cr Oxalate
  • Satoru Hiroto, Nagoya University, Japan- Creation of Three-Dimensional π-Conjugated Element Blocks with Highly Curved Surface
  • Brad Chmelka, University of California, Santa Barbara U.S.A-Molecular and surface interactions of self-assembled hybrid materials containing photo-responsive guests
  • Cassandra Fraser, University of Virginia, USA - Luminescent Boron Beta-Diketonate Biomaterials  for Oxygen Sensing and Imaging
  • Alan Sellinger, Colorado School of Mines, USA -   
  • Doug Loy, U Arizona, USA -   Comparison of bridged polysilsesquioxanes prepared by sol-gel polymerization with those made with surfactant templating
  • Richard M. Laine, U Michigan, USA-F- Catalyzed Reactions at Silicon, as a Route to Hybrid Materials
  • Frank D. Blum, Oklahoma State U, USA- Hybrid Composites from Concentrated Emulsion Gels
  • Kenneth J. Wynne, Virginia Commonwealth U, USA- Hybrid Approaches to Nanoscale and Mesoscale Soft Surface Modification

 Organizer Contact Information:

Kenneth J. Wynne
Commonwealth Professor
Chemical and Life Science Engineering
Virginia Commonwealth University
601 West Main Street
Richmond, VA 23284
Ph: (804) 828-9303


Richard M. Laine

Professor and Director

Macromolecular Science and Engineering

University of Michigan

Ann Arbor MI

Ph (734) 764-6203



Frank D. Blum
Professor and Harrison I. Bartlett Chair
Department of Chemistry
Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, OK, 74078, USA
PH: (405) 744-5920

Yoshiki Chujo, Professor
Department of Polymer Chemistry,
Graduate School of Engineering,
Kyoto University, Katsura
Nishikyo-ku, Kyoto
615-8510 Japan

Ph: +81-75-383-2604
Fax: +81-75-383-2605



Registration, Housing, and Other Information:  


Please see the information on the PPF14 website. http://www.ppc14.org/


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